NrG Sphere Insoles (Pair)

NrG Sphere Insoles (Pair)

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Lifetime Guarantee
Lifetime Guarantee
Whether you’re on the track, court or trail, NrG Sphere insoles are there for funk-free action and elevated performance in any athletic pursuit.

We’ve completely revolutionized what an insole can and should deliver, starting with embedded Copptech antimicrobial technology that naturally inhibits odor-causing bacteria — so you won’t have to worry about freshness.

The high-energy return TPU spheres and advanced PU foam result in enhanced shock absorption that helps reduce the impact of each step and protects your joints from stress.

When you’re ready to grind, grab a set of NrG Sphere insoles for the high-rebound, high-energy return to help you stay in the game longer.
  • Embedded Antimicrobial for Lifetime Performance. Antimicrobial technology inhibits odor caused by germs, microbes, bacteria and fungi
  • The PU foam provides enhanced shock absorption, helping to reduce the impact of each step and protecting feet and joints from injury
  • The high-energy return TPU spheres provide long-term performance and durability
  • 25% more performance, impact protection and energy return than the standard 3mm EVA insole
  • 65% Energy Return
Materials/Manufacturing: The advanced PU foam and TPU spheres result in a high-rebound, high-energy return insole.

Care: Hand wash only with mild detergent and cold water. Use a soft towel to absorb excess water and allow to air dry. Do not machine wash or use bleach.

Responsibly Made in China
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Return Policy:
At Purra Performance, our return policy is designed to reduce the environmental impact caused by ecommerce returns. Our policy encourages responsible consumer behavior while still prioritizing customer satisfaction. 
The Purra Promise:
We stand by the quality and customer satisfaction of our Purra Performance products. If, within 14  days of your purchase, you find yourself with Defective, Damaged, or Incorrect products or are unsatisfied, we offer the following options:
    1. New Order, site credit, or Product Exchange
    2. Free Shipping Label for Charitable Donation
For athletic pursuits requiring enhanced impact protection and responsiveness – running, basketball, tennis, pickleball, power walking and hiking across rough terrain. Fits athletic shoes, casual shoes, hiking boots and work boots.
If you need to trim your insole, please follow the steps in our blog here.

Insoles Designed to Upgrade Your Shoes

Antimicrobial/Anti Odor
Energy Return
Eco Friendly Sustainable Materials
Sport or Athletic
Impact Protection
No Poison
Arch Support
Keep Your Shoes Fresh & Stink-Free
Shoes are often a breeding ground of nasty germs and bacteria. Copptech’s EPA-registered antimicrobial technology is embedded into the foam and fabric of our insoles for lifetime performance. This natural, zinc antimicrobial inhibits the growth of odor-causing microbes, bacteria and fungi so that your shoes (and feet) stay fresh and stink-free.
More Spring in Your Stride
Our high-energy return insole design features TPU spheres that create a springboard effect for driving momentum forward with every step. Run with more efficiency and sustained intensity, while experiencing reduced muscle fatigue thanks to this energy transfer and rebound effect.
Protect Your Joints
Purra utilizes advanced PU foam for superior shock absorption and enhanced impact protection. Protect your joints with Purra insoles and keep living your best life.
High-Quality Insole!
I replaced the smelly worn-out insoles in my pickleball shoes with this high-quality Purra insole. So far, they’ve been a game-changer. I’m less sore after exercise and the hygiene factor is a winner.
Verified Customer
I just switched to these insoles in my trail running shoes and I'm already hooked. Impact protection is phenomenal and my feet don't feel as torn up.
Verified Customer
Something about the spheres in these insoles that just makes my feet feel great. I have a pair in my Peloton shoes now for odor protection, and also have another in my court shoes as I just love the extra boost I feel - along with less knee joint pain.
Verified Customer
I'm a gym rat and my shoes are worn and ripe. Antimicrobial odor protection is a must for me, and these insoles are spongy & comfortable. Great purchase!

See In Action

Us vs Them
Odorless/Odor Free
Long Lasting Antimicrobial Technology
Nitrogen Expanded Foam for Superior Impact Protection
Nitrogen Expanded Foam for Sustainability & High Energy Return 
Performance Guarantee
Responsibly Manufactured
Frequently Asked Questions
 What is a Purra Performance antimicrobial insole?
A Purra Performance antimicrobial insole is a technically advanced insole designed to replace the stock insole in a shoe. It offers enhanced comfort, and support, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and odor-causing microbes. These insoles are embedded with Copptech antimicrobial technology and help maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the feet.
What are the benefits of using a Purra Performance antimicrobial insole?
Using a Purra Performance antimicrobial insole offers many benefits. It helps eliminate or reduce foot odor caused by bacteria, fungi or other microorganisms. Additionally, these insoles provide improved comfort, support, impact joint protection and enhanced athletic performance
Who can benefit from using Purra Performance antimicrobial insoles?
Purra Performance antimicrobial insoles are beneficial for anyone who wants to maintain a clean and odor-free environment inside their shoes. They are particularly useful for athletes, individuals with foot odor problems, or anyone who wants to ensure optimal foot hygiene.
Can Purra Performance antimicrobial insoles be used in any type of shoe?
Yes, Purra Performance antimicrobial insoles are typically designed to be versatile and can be used in various types of footwear. They are suitable for athletic shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, work boots, and other footwear where the stock insole can be removed.
How do I choose the right Purra Performance antimicrobial insole?
When choosing a Purra Performance antimicrobial insole, consider factors such as your activity level, desired level of performance and cushioning, as well as any specific foot conditions or requirements you may have.
What should I do if the insoles don't perfectly fit my shoe?
Our insoles are sold in full sizes, and we understand that some customers have half sizes. Not to worry! Our insoles can be easily adjusted to accommodate half sizes by following our step-by-step guide outlined If you need to trim your insole, please follow the steps here.
What is the Return Policy?
See Shipping and Returns above!

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