Landscape shot of fall colors in the background with a man sitting on a rock looking at the view.  He has his hiking boots on to his right and is wearing a pair of the Purra Comfort Crew socks.  He has on a bright orange beanie, grey t-shirt and camo colored pants.  Taking a rest during his hike up into the mountains.

Purra Beliefs

It’s a human truth that’s embedded in all of us.
We move to maintain our bodies. We move to live longer. We move to challenge ourselves and see just how far we can go.

At Purra Performance, we design and develop natural and safe antimicrobial performance essentials that allow everyone to move confidently and freely. We’re here to ensure that living an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to endure germs, bacteria and odor. We are active outdoor enthusiasts who know what it’s like to be in the middle of a 7-day snow trip and have to hang your socks out on the balcony so the entire room doesn’t smell like a bag of rotten cheese puffs. We’ve been there, and sought to combat this bacteria, germs and odor problem with our safe, natural EPA-registered Copptech antimicrobial.

A quick rest for Dad and Daughter on a multi-colored painted concrete step.  The little girl is was wearing her Purra Light Grey No Show socks visible under her pink floral pants and the Dad is also wearing his antimicrobial Light Grey Purra No Show Socks.
Two young girls are stopped after a bike ride sitting on a blanked with the lake shown behind them.  The younger girl on the left is wearing her bright pink jacket and floral pants with her light grey Purra No Show Socks and the older girl on the right with the bicycle behind her in her bright orange and blue jacket and dark colored pants is also wearing her No Show light grey socks.

We are in a new era where more and more people are becoming concerned about the environment, sustainability and climate change, and we are relentlessly determined and deeply dedicated to do something about these critical issues.

Our values are paving the way for what we’re building with Purra. These just aren’t motivational slogans on a wall; they are our commitment to our customers and ourselves.

To put it simply we want to leave this planet better than we found it. We want to leave everything we touch better than we found it.

With a mission to Do No Harm. Ever.

This includes everything from the factories that manufacture our products to the ingredients in our technology. But most importantly, we envision our customers staying active and sweating freely (and confidently) knowing they’re protected from germs, bacteria and odor.

A woman sitting down wearing her bright blue exercise pants is preparing to exercise on the dark colored gym mat is seen adjusting her dark grey Purra No Show Socks.

Go ahead, feel the freedom to do whatever you want.

Ride a bike to work. Run to the supermarket right from the gym. Travel and explore the world in one bag.

Sweat anytime. Anywhere.

That’s Purra Performance.