How To Trim Your Insoles

 Purra Performance Insoles


Thank you for choosing Purra Performance Insoles. We hope that you will enjoy the comfort, support and antimicrobial odor protection that our insoles provide.

 If you need to trim your insole, please follow the steps below.

1.  Grab the pair of shoes you want to use to insert your new Purra insoles. 

 The shoe should have sufficient room (width and depth) to insert your new insoles. 

2. There should be a removable insert within the shoe. If your shoe features an insole that is permanently attached to the sole of the shoe, we recommend that you NOT force removal as you could damage your shoes. Some insoles are glued down with just a dab of adhesive, in which case, you can use a blow dryer to gently heat the insole for 30 seconds and then try to carefully remove it.

Remove Insert From Shoe

3. Once removed from your shoe, place the old shoe insert on top of your new Purra insole.

Make sure you match up the left and right insoles properly, while carefully and accurately aligning the heels.

Align Heels

4. Once those heels are correctly aligned, use a marker to trace around the toe area of the original insert from your shoe.

5. Take a pair of sharp scissors to trim the Purra insole along the line you traced. Just to be on the safe side, you should trim along the outside or top of the line, vs directly on, or below, your traced line. Remember, you can always trim more if needed.

NOTE: You should only be trimming the toe area of the insole to match the length and width of your shoes. DO NOT TRIM THE HEEL.


6. Insert your trimmed Purra insole into your shoe, and enjoy!