Don't Sweat
Your Sock Stench

Antimicrobial, Odor-Free &
Game-Changing Performance

So Comfortable You'll Never
Want to Take Them Off,
Antimicrobial So You Don't
Have To.

Upgrade Your Shoes
with Purra Insoles

Next-level comfort plus antimicrobial protection to keep feet and shoes stink-free

Why People Purra

Marrie S.

Verified Customer


I own three pairs of Purra socks and rarely take them off. We recently traveled to NY & DC and they were my constant companion on the plane, through the rainy cold streets of NY, and the 8-mile walk around DC. They're warm, they're cushioned, and they stand up to both weather and long wear while still feeling fresh after long days. When you do wash them, they come out looking brand new. Can't say enough great things about these great socks. Will buy another 3 pair so I have a pair for every day.

Megan C.

Verified Customer

I was shocked by the antimicrobial technology in the socks!

Impressive Design And Antimicrobial Technology. I’ve taken on the Purra Sock Challenge. I have been wearing the same pair of socks for the last two days now. I wore them to a holiday party, then to bed, to work, then crawled to the gym. I wouldn't say I love the thought of being smelly, especially my feet! While using Purra socks, I did not notice an odor and was surprised when smelling my socks after a long day and not being embarrassed. I was shocked by the antimicrobial technology in the socks! The design is also fabulous! When I workout the back of my shoe rubs on my heel/Achilles. While wearing Purra's 'Comfort No Show' socks I noticed the design of the socks stopped my shoe from rubbing on my Achilles. The socks provide a perfect level of comfort and cushion. I highly recommend these socks to people who are on the go and have an active lifestyle. I will definitely be adding these to my Christmas list!

Abbey L.

Verified Customer

No Foot Odor!

I like the antimicrobial feature because the thought of my feet covered with bacteria is disgusting. My feet look and feel great, and my socks and shoes don’t smell, so it must work. 10/10

The Perfect Sock for Your Active Life


Copptech Technology

Antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of germs, microbes, bacteria and fungi that cause odor

Seamless Toe

Seamless toe and flat stitching create more comfort and less friction on your toes

Strategic Cushioning

Strategic cushioning from heel to toe that equals even more comfort

Deep Heel Pocket

The Deep Heel Pocket provides a better fit


Temperature is regulated with our breathable mesh and allows heat and moisture to escape from the sock

Arch Compression

Enhanced arch compression results in a better fit and greater support

Heel Tab

Heel Tab provides blister protection

Moisture Management

Our synthetic yarns wick moisture away from the skin

A blurred view of a woman's face wearing a baseball cap sitting on an exercise bench.   She is stretching her legs highlighting the black Purra No Show Socks.
Fresh Protected and Clean

Fight the Funk!

To sweat is human. It’s how our body regulates temperature. But left on its own, sweaty clothes are a perfect growth environment for many germs, bacteria, fungi and stinky odor.
Whether it’s light or funky, if you can smell it, then something’s growing.
Eliminate these perfect growing conditions and these odor gremlins never have a fighting chance. They’re defeated before they ever start.

Sweat more. Funk Less.
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Science is Part of Our DNA

We discovered how to keep textiles fresh, clean and odor free by embedding Copptech antimicrobial technology into materials and fibers.

The Purra Promise

Love it or we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.
Woman sitting on a rock in a yoga position with her feet together meditating.  The sun is setting behind her reflected in the water.  She is wearing the dark grey Purra Crew Socks on her feet as well as dark colored leggings, an insulator jacket and a baseball cap
A view looking up at a dark skin toned father and his daughter sitting on a concrete wall.  The little girl is wearing pink flowery pants and bubblegum pink jacket.  On her feet she has the light grey Purra no show socks.  The father has khaki green long pants and a brown jacket with a purple beanie on his head.  On his feet he has the dark grey Purra Crew socks

More Than Socks

Our mantra is to always do the right thing and leave the world a better place. By using safe ingredients and responsible manufacturing, we are doing our part to protect people, our pets and our planet.  

Freedom to sweat. Anytime. Anywhere.